Kol Suu lake

A trip to Kol Suu & Chatyr Kul in BIG photos

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Living in Kyrgyzstan is providing me a great opportunity to see parts of the country few people visit.  Thousands of  people visit Issyk-Kul or Song Kul every year but after talking to locals, fewer than a couple hundred see Kol Suu (often written as Kel Suu online, the real name of the lake is Kol Teckeri) and most only see Chatyr Kul in the distance as they drive past on their way to Torugart Pass.  I suspect as tourism to Kyrgyzstan increases, many will want to make the trip to these lakes – and they should, they are incredible!

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  1. Michaela

    Amazing pictures and an amazing place! I was one of the few tourists to visit the Kol Suu lake this year and I loved everything about the place: the mountains, the valley and the incredibly wonderful lake! My favorite spot in Kyrgyzstan and one of my favorite spots in the world! Hope you share further images if you go back next summer. :-)

    1. Author
      Eric Anderson

      Thanks, and thanks for sharing the blog post! Kol Suu is amazing and if we can make it back in June (with a kayak) I’ll definitely have lots to share.

  2. vanja

    Fantastic photos! Please, can you explain how can you get to the Kol Suu lake, i mean how much walking does it involve and how difficult is the walk? Also, how much did you pay a driver from Tash Rabat to Kol Suu lake and back? Is the walk doable on your own or it requires a guide. Thank you in advance for your answer.

    1. admin

      Sorry for the delay, but many comments found their way to spam. You do not walk far to Kol Suu lake, you take a vehicle most or all the way. We spent about 8000 som per person for the entire drive and stay.

  3. Fabien

    Hey guys,
    Did you see both lakes (Chatyr and Kol Suu) during the same trekking? If yes, how long did it take? Did you start from Naryn?
    That’s my plan for this summer so if you can inform me, it would be great…

  4. Abdulmajeed

    Great Picture, I’m looking forward to visit Kyrgyzstan but I can’t find that much information or pictures of the beauty there. The only two places that I get information about are Altyn Arashan and Ala Archa.

    I want to ask you, How is this location at Winter, Next January, is it reachable? how cold is it? is there any picture at winter for it?

    do you know any guide that Can get me there at winter



  5. Julia P.

    I just love the pictures! I am planning to visit this summer. I thought about the end of august/early september, but after reading some articles, i am thinking this might be too late? would you rather go early august?

    thanks in advange..

    P.S. can you recommend any guides?

      1. Patrik

        Hello. I’ve read your blog a few months ago and there was a lot of useful information but it does not work for a long timeunfortunately :( ..

      2. Vincent F.

        Incredible pictures!!! Do you remember any info or costs about the guide I wanted to try the link to ericandtayler, but it looks like the page has been taken down.

        1. admin

          Hey, just a DNS issue on my other site. Should be working now, thanks!

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