My favorite 10 photos of 2014

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The question all bloggers face: To post blog posts of lists or not?  On one hand, it’s a stale format and rather uninteresting.  On the other hand, search engines seem to like lists and it does provide a structure that is easy to follow.  I don’t intend to post a lot of lists here but I can’t help it this time.  My belated list of my favorite photos from 2014:









So there it is, better late than never I suppose.  2014 turned out to be my favorite year ever for photography since we took two long road trips and moved to Kyrgyzstan.  I’m definitely a person whose photography inspiration comes from travel so it was a great year!  For 2015 I plan on exploring a lot more of this beautiful country as well as take three trips to Europe seeing another 8 or 9 countries.  It should be an even better year!

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